A few weeks ago, I went to Prague.

DISCLAIMER: This post was started weeks ago and it was quickly finished tonight. 

After a very moving, spiritual, and exciting week, it was time for my next adventure: PRAHA.

I was so lucky to travel in Europe over spring break, but I never made it to Prague. My best friend and I picked one of our free weekends and decided to have one final adventure. Things here are really picking up with finals around the corner as well as a lot of visitors that are starting to show up, so this past weekend ended up being the perfect time to go.

 At 3:45AM our shuttle service picked us up from our apartment and brought us to the airport. We had a smooth check in and security process since one thing Israel has under control is the whole airport situation. We boarded our plane and learned we were lucky enough to be in emergency exit rows. I swear there was enough leg room and space for me and probably a few other bodies. A few hours lader we landed in Praha! Public transportation was super easy and one bus ride, one metro line, and a few steps later we checked into our hostel. We ended up in a penthouse suite with more room than we would ever need, but no complaints!

After we checked in, we wandered around the streets, had some lunch and STARBUCKS, walked around the Old Town, and then toured one of the synagogues, followed by another synagogue located across the town. The Jewish Museum in Prauge consists of about 5 synagogues, but a few of them aren’t on the list, so we did those first.

The Old New Synagogue is one of the oldest synagogues in Europe and was also the one we returned to for Shabbat services the following day. It has been in the community for over 700 years. In order to get into the synagogue we were asked questions for 5 minutes, basically like security at the airport in Israel. Because it was an Orthodox Synagouge from 700 years ago, the women’s section was insane. There were little peep holes to hear and see out of so I basically spent the entire service trying to hear so I could follow along. After services we met some girls who we have mutual friends with….of course….

The next day we toured all the synagogues, continued to stroll around the city, took a canal tour on a boat, and climbed the top of the Old Clock Tower located in the Old Town. The city was so beautiful and it was a relaxing day looking at the beautiful architecture that Prague has to offer.

Finally, We crossed the Charles bridge and explored the Castle area. We also had lunch at a vegan restaurant…love me some yummy vegetarian food (since Europe always has some weird stuff to offer). And then continued to explore. We could have probably spent one more day in Prague, but overall we saw the majority of the city and got a good feel for the vibe of the people and the city.

After returning to Jerusalem, things have been none stop moving. I’m now entering finals week and then will have a few days to pack and say my final farewells to the city that has given me so much this semester.

I went to the movie theater here- that was also INCREDIBLE. It is gorgeous and the movie was in English but the script had some hebrew in it. The whole theater started laughing when the actors read the hebrew words before it was translated because they all understand hebrew…too coooool

 The Pope arrived today (may 25)- that was cool- everything was shut down and hundreds of police and army people were everywhere.

 Sorry for the brief blog- stay tuned to my farewell to Israel blogs coming up later this week. Back to studying….b’hatzlacha to me.



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